The SIGLENT SSA5000A spectrum analyzers are powerful and flexible tools for complex RF spectrum and signal analysis. With a capability of real-time spectrum analysis, the analyzer can provide multi-dimensions data displays, advanced triggering to solve modern RF spectrum challenges, like channel power measurement, hopping frequency, conflict channel, spectrum interference.

Applications include broadcast monitoring/evaluation, cellular site, IoT, wlan and bluetooth surveying, research and development, education, production, and maintenance.

SSG5083A/SSG5085A microwave signal generator’s output frequency range from 9 kHz to 13.6/20 GHz, supports AM & FM & PM modulation, pulse modulation, pulse sequence generator, power meter control and other functions. With standard OCXO reference hardware module inside ensures high precision and high stability signal output. It is designed for communication, aerospace, national defense and other fields. And it is suitable for various application scenarios such as R&D and production.

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